White Night

Baboons howled in the jungle canopy
A dark night approached
The children were bedded down in their huts
Others exhausted from dawn to dusk work
Chatted among themselves
No star shined on the blackest of nights
“White night White night”
Jim Jones roared on the jungle loudspeaker
We were under attack
The end was near
Children and babies were pulled from their beds
Gunshots rang from the jungle’s edge
Residents ran screaming to the Pavilion
“We WILL take our lives on this night in a
Revolutionary suicide” Jim Jones yelled
Two women passed out cups of cyanide-tained Flavour-Aide
Some tried to run only to be stopped
By the gun wielding guards
Potion swallowed by all
We waited to die
Jim Jones laughed hysterically
“It’s just a rehearsal”
He laughed again clapped his hands and said calmly
“Go home my darlings, sleep tight”


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